Instaelectric Inc. acquires Quadrant Engineering to strengthen Canadian presence and expand business

(Ottawa July 28, 2016) Instaelectric, a Canada-based designer and builder of next generation data centres in Canada and Latin America, has purchased Quadrant Engineering, an Ottawa mechanical and electrical engineering company, to strengthen its Canadian presence and expand its business to new markets.

“Today we are bringing together two companies with professional experience and complementary abilities, to provide enhanced service to Canadian clients and to capture new international business using Canadian engineering expertise.” said Gonzalo Manrique, CEO of Instaelectric.

In our increasingly connected world, data centres are mission-critical, since the majority of industries depend on constant access to electronic information, as well as several public institutions that must protect sensitive information.

Instaelectric has a long and successful record designing, building and operating modern data centres in the Latin America region. Based in Canada, Instaelectric with over 33 years of experience has expanded its operations and now has international offices in Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica and Venezuela.

Quadrant Engineering was founded in Ottawa in 1990 and has built up an enviable reputation, working on mechanical and electrical engineering designs for residential and commercial high-rise buildings. Quadrant will remain as an entity operating within the Instaelectric group.

Instaelectric brings knowledge from international markets, technical and project-based expertise to this new business entity. Based on its present international pipeline, Instaelectric expects to double the size of its professional staff in Canada within the next two years, which leads to create new job opportunities, improve industrial competitiveness and enhance labour specialization through knowledge transfer and professional training to the Ontario province community.

“This is an interesting example of how Canadian companies innovate and grow. Ottawa is an excellent base for expanding our business. We will be looking for bright, young talents to join our team”, said Mr. Manrique.

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